Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool 5 :Building Community in the Online Environment!

Animoto :
I  have used Animoto in my classroom  after introducing my objective to my class. It is a great way to show the students what they will be learning for the next 30-50 minutes. I have also shown my students how to make the Animoto videos and they took off making their own shows on Matter, 3D Shapes, Angles, The Water Cycle and so much more!

This is such a fun way for students to express their feelings by using adjectives and having  create their poster. This is also super to use when they  want to use some words to describe a science concept such as matter, the  water cycle or  types of weather. Below is a fourth grade math wordle I made in just a few minutes by typing up some math words and letting create a poster.

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