Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool # 6 Building Community in the Online Environment

1. Today's Meet: I signed up and created an account on Today's meet.This is a great  way to conduct a live meeting with  a group of people.It will provide instant feed back. I got on it and had  fun talking to my sweet friend , Dorothy.

This would be great to use in the classroom when my students want to have a group chat like when they are working on a project together and need to communicate with each other. They can talk  about their findings in their research and assign activities to each other.

2. Wall Wisher :
On Wall Wisher people/ students can be invited  to go to my wall  and write their comments about a certain subject or topic . This is comparable to having students put post it notes on a KWL chart before a topic is introduced.
Wall Wisher :roses

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  1. Sally,
    You just took the bull by the horns today with 11 Tools. Thank you for creating such great collaborative tools for others to share. You are such an inspiration to bounce back from surgery so quickly and be ahead of the game with these 11 Tools.