Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool #7 Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

Content objective
TLW work with students in other classrooms via Today's Meet and discuss their findings and experiments with mixtures and solutions.

When you plan to implement

I will show my students at the beginning of the year how to post on Today's Meet.we will talk about what is an appropriate post as well as how to communicate in a positive manner. 

What tool(s) you plan to use
Today's Meet.
Discovery Education

A brief description of the project (plan - two or three sentences)
Throughout the school year, my class will communicate with other classes using Today"s Meet and Skyping as they cover certain science and math objectives . They will post new findings as well as their opinions on topics such as matter, geometry, forces, division, fractions etc.

If you need to find another classroom - We can begin networking with other classrooms right here!
I will work with other teachers on my team: Ms. Markham and Mrs. Davis as well as Mrs. Posey.

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